This explains how to use WMIC to pull a list of all installed programs on a computer, so that you can review the list and determine if there are any unwanted programs installed. Active 5 years, 1 month ago. wmic:root\cli> computersystem list brief …briefタイプでの表示 Domain Manufacturer Model Name …(以下省略)… MICRO-STAR INC. List all hotfixes applied to windows server.

5. It is possible for an update to show as installed in the 'View Installed Updates' section and Not show up in the qfe list. wmic qfe list is a Microsoft tool/utility and one that many of our plugins look at the output of to determine if the host has the desired KB updates or not. If you have to reinstall Windows or for some other reason you would like know which ones have been previously installed on your computer, a list of the hotfixes on your PC might be handy. Some programs, such as Belarc Advisor, will include a wmic qfe list を実行すると、適用されているすべての更新ファイル(KB)の一覧が表示されます。その中の情報をfindで抽出しています。 ちなみに、すべての一覧をHTML形式で出力する場合 wmic qfe list /format:htable > kblist.htm Steps wmic qfe list is a Microsoft tool/utility and one that many of our plugins look at the output of to determine if the host has the desired KB updates or not. Viewed 27k times 9. 3 Steps total Step 1: Open an Administrative (Elevated) Command Prompt. Variations on a theme include: wmic qfe list full ... wmic qfe get Hotfixid There used to be a command line tool called QFECheck in Windows Server 2000 that would list them out. Each WMI object has the Properties_ collection that provides information about that object's properties. WMIC QFE LIST /FORMAT:htable > HotFix1.csv 保存されたファイル[HotFix1.csv]を開くとCSVファイルで出力します。私は上記のwmicコマンドは覚えられないのでバッチファイルとして作成して、ファイル出力をして使っています。 The sample scripts are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. Disclaimer The sample scripts are not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service. Wmic command and WMI console information including its availability, syntax and examples. Is this the preferred method on windows server 2003/2008? Learn more wmic on remote computer, taken form list of computer name or ip Option 2 Another method that doesn't require 3rd party software using wmic; just type: wmic qfe from the command line. Every month there is another bunch of updates (also called hotfixes) for Windows. Is there a way to interrogate the result object for the names of the columns returned? After a few months, they pile up to quite a collection. Click the Start button, click Run, Type "Runas user:Administrator@DOMAIN cmd". ... QFE CREATE QFE DELETE QFE GET [] [] QFE LIST [] [] QUOTASETTING: Setting information for disk quotas on a volume. WMICで情報取得様々な情報取得WMIを使えばOSの色々な情報を取得する事ができる事がわかりました。それではここからは取得できる項目を何個か紹介していきたいと思います。コマンドの実行結果ではなく、実務的なシチュエーションごとの使用例 … wmic qfe また、同じような機能を持つコマンドとして【wmic qfe】というコマンドがあります。 「qfe」とは「Quick Fix Engineering」の略称であり、【wmic qfe】コマンドを使うと、Windows Updateでインストールされた更新プログラムの一覧をインストールした日時とともに確認できます。

Running the 'wmic qfe list' command will output a list of all installed Windows and software updates applied to that computer.

To get the names of properties available in an object, enumerate the Properties_ collection and check each item's Name.. Write all the rows in the result object to a text file, say