It no longer has those dangerous "spikes" that protrude from the front that had me in fear someone was going to loose an eye. Conseils d’achat Comparatifs Avis & Tests produits It comes will all the accessories you need. By slightly narrowing the beam from 60° to 55° and redesigning the inner shape and coating of the reflector, we were able to increase the output of the 300d II by more than 3 … The Light Dome Mini II includes an fabric eggcrate-style grid to help fine tune your cinematography and control your spread of light to 40 degrees. Unlike my full sized Light Dome II, the mini II … An upgrade from the First Generation Light Dome, the Light Dome II features even higher quality diffusion fabric, a rapid build and breakdown system, an included honeycomb eggcrate, and several more new additions. I have struggled with assembly of the original version Light Dome mini, and I am so glad that Aputure updated it. Universal Mount The new Light Dome mini II is designed to fit with all fixtures from the Light Storm COB family.It is also compatible with a wide variety of Bowens mount lighting systems,the most common mounts used in the world of photography. The new version is much easier/faster to assemble and break down. The 300d Mark II is also the first Aputure light to feature the all-new, hyper efficient 55° reflector.

The Light Dome II is Aputure’s flagship light shaping tool. Aputure COB 300D Mark II 300D II Led Video Light V-Mount CRI97+ TLCI97+ 55000lux@0.5M 5500k Sidus Link App Control 8 Built-in Lighting Effects 2.4G 100m Wireless Remote Control USB Firmware Upgrade. Guild quality is pleasing and it is easy … Aputure Light Dome II - Boîte à lumière | à partir de 239,00 € | Comparer les prix avec !

Advanced Diffusion Materials. This item Aputure LS COB C300d II Light 5500K 350W Dome Lamp Brightness Brighter V-Mount +UKHP Cleaning Cloth. Pre-loved: Aputure Light Dome II, This Aputure Light Dome II is in great physical and working condition.

Aputure Light Dome II softens the harsh lighting super good! Plus the new version includes a wonderful gel holder. Included is a soft box and soft case.